Facilities Planning Specialist


Chronos Consulting (www.chronosconsulting.com) clients seeks a Facilities Planning Specialist
As the successful candidate, you will hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or equivalent technical field. An advanced degree in Chemical engineering, Petroleum Engineering or related Master of Science degree is preferred. You should have participated in post-graduate technical seminars and course work related to technical specialty. Achieved recognition through activities on committees of professional societies or participation in University sponsored programs. Experience in process/system simulations is preferred.
You should have a minimum of 10-15 years of professional experience in oil production in the petroleum industry, related industry or governmental sectors. Prior experience include Project Management and Operational problem resolution and their relationship to long range planning of facilities and associated economics. Experience should include at least five years as an individual in responsible charge of planning work in his main technical field. You should have achieved recognition as a planning expert in his technical field based on proven ability to handle complex issues in a rigorous, analytical fashion.
You must be able to work with minimum supervision on relatively unstructured tasks. Must have the demonstrated ability to produce top quality written and oral reports. Experience in performing economic evaluations, feasibility studies and preparing requests for budgetary approvals. You must have excellent written and oral technical presentation skills.
Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following: 
Plans, schedules and provides work direction to assigned technical personnel (up to 10) as required for preparation of planning level designs, processes, reports, correspondence and related data and assures the efficiency, adequacy and conformance to overall objectives of all phases of complex technical problems.
Formulates the basis for planning studies in any of several basic or special technical fields by analyzing and evaluating all data pertinent to problems. Evaluates data as to scope, effect on existing installations, economic value, long range planning and budgetary consideration.
Brings all elements of a planning study together. Makes certain that all elements proceed satisfactorily on schedule and within the money and time allowed; and initiates corrective action as required.
Initiates detailed work outline and makes decisions as to basic approaches, processes and/or equipment. Performs work and/or delegates work to other technical personnel, consultants and contractors, for final development of specialized or technical proposals and proposed projects.
Acts as technical consultant and performs special staff work for executive management when required.
Recommends new installations or modifications to improve existing facilities and standardization within broad fields of endeavor. Prepares justifications and completes expenditure requests as required.
Reviews work of technical personnel directed. Checks that reports are written according to established methods of good report presentation.
Makes recommendations for further study or report changes. Approves reports for transmittal to management.
Prepares and participates in the presentation of reports and facility recommendations to Executive Management.
Formulates and coordinates training and professional development programs for technical personnel directed
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