Construction Manager Lagos


Nigerian/dual nationality: Company Car without Driver + Company Phone
Job Details
Location: Nigeria > Lagos
Key Requirements
University Degree (2.1 or higher)
- Preference will be given to candidates with Civil Engineering
qualifications and/or other industry related qualifications
- ALL grades should be provided
Additional Qualifications:
Preference will be given to Candidates that
- Have experience in working in, designing and building Free Zones, towns,
general infrastructure
- Have worked in multinational / FTSE100 companies
- The candidate’s experience and academic record are paramount but it would
be preferable if the candidate has international experience
Job Description
Supervision of the development and construction within “The Company Locations” and at related locations, as designated by the Employer.
Supervision of the contractors, personnel and other persons and/or entities involved in the development of property in COMPANY LOCATION and at related locations, as designated by the Employer
Development of detailed master plan for the COMPANY LOCATIONS
Forward planning of facilities, services, supporting infrastructure, personnel and other related items required for development and management of property
in “The Company Location” (“COMPANY LOCATION”)
Forward planning of infrastructure required for the industrial village; Planning and developing layout of infrastructure for LFZ.
Manage the process of appointing consulting engineers and architects;
Manage work allocated to various consultants and architects as per their
contracts and work scopes;
Ensure that design of infrastructure on LFZ is to the required
standards as well as being in a cost effective and on schedule.
Ensure a transparent bid process as managed by consultants and architects;
Analyse bids in conjunction with consultants and architects and put
recommendations to Management; Selecting and negotiating with construction related contractors for work issued
to them without making use of consultants and architects.
Ensure that all work performed is in line with laid down policies, procedures and standards;
Ensure that all Quality, Health, Safety and Environment legislation is adhered to;
Reporting of all incidents and accidents in line with procedures;
The Employee will be required to provide assistance to the Company in a wide range of areas, in line with the Employee’s field of experience/expertise;
The Employee may also be required to perform duties not directly related to his/her area of experience or expertise, in which case proper instruction will be provided by the Company;
Ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained in all activities;
Conduct himself / herself in a dignified and respectful manner that reflects well
on the Employer and also sets an example for the other employees
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