Social Marketing Director UK


Social Marketing Director

£70k to £100k Location London

Job description

Our Client are looking for a passionate Social Marketing Director to support the growth of the innovative programme. The main goal is to develop the programme globally. The programme is a project designed to bring together the best content creators with digital and social influencers most capable of creating buzz and virality around great content: the first global community of digital influencers 2.0.

Main Responsibilities
 Create a thriving global community of active social blasters from all around the world;
 Setup and manage Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing organic techniques (unpaid campaigns) to skyrocket the growth of the project;
 Identify new features taking the programme to the next level and follow through with implementation;
 Start up an international team dedicated to the global growth of the social blaster programme.

Position Direct report to the CEO.

Attitude Attitude and approach are more important than competences at Blasting News and are the key to success. The candidate should:
 Be entrepreneurial, proactive, and innovative;
 Get things done, no matter what;
 The easier, the better;
 Never complain: focus on solutions, don’t focus on problems;
 Lead by example, driving everybody else in the company toward better results;
 Love positive pressure and new daily challenges;
 Go beyond the assigned daily tasks;
 Learn fast;
 Listen first and be humble;
 Be strict and fair with colleagues, partner and clients. “It’s not easy to work here. You can work long, hard, or smart, but you can’t choose two out of three. But we are working to build something important, something that we can all tell our grandchildren about. Such things aren’t meant to be easy”.

 No more than 5 years of work experience;
 Previous founder or co-founder of a business start-up (successful or failed), or
 1-3 years of experience in first tier management consulting companies such as, McKinsey, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, or in first tier internet companies such as, Rocket Internet. If you meet the previous qualifications, you may have an extra advantage if:
 You have a strong interest in Digital Marketing and Social Media;
 You own or personally manage an active base of social media fans or fanpages;
 You have a proven track record of Influencer Marketing, with ability to use some key tools (such as: PitchBox, BuzzStream, BuzzSumo, Spredfast, Traackr, Followerwonk).

Job location: London (UK).


An ambitious goal: to make our world a better place, giving everyone the possibility of sharing ideas with a global audience and enjoying truly independent information. Is made by the people, made for the people: at the core, is a news publisher totally fueled and curated by the crowd: news is produced by delocalized contributorsand fact-checked and curated by a quality team of professionals . Are paid based on performance; in addition to this, the best news may be distributed around by the , a global team of digital influencers selected through application and interviews. All the core processes are managed by technology: e.g., homepages are handled by a patent-pending algorithm without human intervention.

A very innovative proposition: 
• 100% Independent
Encourages a wide range of points of view. All can freely choose the topic and the medium of their contents. has adopted the George Whitefield’s principle of “We’ll just have to agree to disagree.” 
• 100% Democratic 
Does not have any central editorial office: we have developed a technology that promotes the most interesting, highest quality news, taking into account a huge number of factors. 
• 100% Meritocratic 
Can earn money thanks to a simple quality-based system: the more people that read the content, the more money the receives. Money comes from advertisement sold on the webpages.
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