Land Surveyor, UK


Land Surveyor


Salary £30k to £33k

In 2-3 sentences, summarise the job purpose stating overall role and objectives, and its overall contribution to the Company

Provision of a Land Surveying, CAD, GIS, cartography and archive management service for Operational and Non Operational areas. This is inclusive of the management of annual Lidar survey (plane) or monthly (UAV or field surveys) of the UKP. This role is of fundamental importance in providing base data and design drawings for use in a range of applications, for example:
Environment, Health & Safety, Operations Management, Strategic short term Planning, asset valuation including Mineral Reserve & Resource estimation

Give key data and statistics (4 or 5 at most) that characterise the results, means, and activities upon which this position has a direct or indirect influence : turnover, gross margin, budgets, tonnage, number of subordinates, number of customers, geographical zones concerned.

Job focus will be primarily on the UKP in South West England. The production platform extracts approximately twelve million tonnes annually, creating in the region of nine hundred thousand tonnes of china clay product and several millions of tonnes of aggregate feed materials. Activities take place over an area of approximately forty nine square kilometres.

The application of survey and complimentary data is fundamental since it is used to assist in describing, monitoring and implementing the Company’s operational objectives; short, medium and long term. Tasks associated with this process can be collectively grouped under the Mine Planning Cycle, which is wholly concerned with value creation. Value is added to survey and complimentary data through its onward application, for example: management of an effective Geographical Information System and a variety of CAD systems.

Specify percentage of domestic travel required: 100%
Specify percentage of international travel required: 0%

List the essential functions, major activities and the main areas of ongoing responsibility concerning the position. Give the precise long- term results or the contributions expected of the position. Use action verbs (ex : contribute, assure, supervise…) to indicate the degree of responsibility of the position with regards to the expected results. Identify the necessary components of success and the specific difficulties for the position.
- As a top priority, coordinate and manage UAV survey implementation and undertake an appropriate number of land surveys of the main operational areas in the pit to compliment these data to ensure that the topographic mapping throughout the operational district meets the requirements of the business on monthly basis.
- Coordinate and manage surveys on Non Operational areas to meet requirements but in line with the monthly routine tasks
- Manage all the Company’s archive and new data (terrain and none terrain data).
- Contribute to the design process for open pit mine excavations and tips. Set out and control the implementation of excavation and tip designs in order to ensure mineral extraction and waste disposal are executed in a practical and safe manner.
- Preparation of drawings using AutoCAD, N4CE, ArcGIS with particular emphasis on drawings and cross sections in compliance with the requirements of the geotechnical assessment (Quarries Regulations 1999)
- Carry out royalty surveys on an annual basis
- Responsibility for the management and development of the GIS requirements, 
An important aspect of this responsibility is the preparation and updating of Management Demarcation plans in line with Quarries regulations Updated December 2016 1999
- Maintain and keep up to date Electrical Distribution Map plans for the UKP including monthly update Western Power documents and all cable network
- Maintain and keep up to date other Infrastructure plans for the UKP including pipes, pressure lines and other utilities
- Provide some survey documentation for engineering projects in parallel to other work commitments
- Maintain the survey control network

What other functions are performed in this position that might not be considered essential?
- Monitoring of undertaking geotechnical related surveys as required
- Set out and record exploration drilling programmes

Education and Experience requirements
(Educational requirements should be the minimum level acceptable for the position. Experience should describe both type and amount of necessary qualifying experience. Also note any professional licenses required)
Minimum: Degree or equivalent in Geomatics, Land Surveying or related discipline. Experience in quarrying/mining or surveying is preferred, but not essential. Field operational work oriented
Knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (Identify skills/attributes required for this position which may include leadership, problem solving, interpersonal, communications, planning, team participation skills, and/or language requirements. 
Successful candidate will be working within a small, diverse team within the UKP, and will need to be:
- Self-motivated, organized, open mind to new technologies and show initiative
- Familiar with the use, accuracy checking, and calibration of the latest surveying equipment and techniques (total stations, Trimble GPS, levels). For the UAV a training will be provided
- Have an ability to work on a range of unrelated tasks simultaneously to demanding deadlines
- Have the ability to communicate information clearly to all levels
- Have knowledge and understanding of a specific range of software used as part of the field surveying process and a wider range of software systems that are currently used within the Mining Section generally. These are: N4CE, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Surpac, Global Mapper & Microsoft Office Applications
- In possession of full U.K. driving licence

Physical/Environmental Aspects – US ONLY
List specific physical demands and activities of the position with a description of the activity including the frequency and duration
required. Also note the work environment.
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