MRI Neurosurgery Clinical Account Manager Washington DC


MRI Neurosurgery Clinical Account Manager 
Location: East Coast (Preferred DC, PA, NC, FL)
Job Description
•Main responsibilities are to
oSupport neuro install base sites in performing ET cases to achieve safe and effective treatments. Support is of device operation, clinical experience, and basic service issue.
oWork with neuro install base sites to initiate and grow program and achieve positive clinical outcomes, increased patient referrals, and financial profitability for the therapy at the site. 
oAct as a consultant that will partner with site to help develop and market their  neuro service, improve customer experience and overcome early market creation challenges
2.Objectives and activities: 
4.1 Clinical:
•Provide support before, during and after treatments, to result in safe and effective treatments with positive customer experience
•Treatment scheduling coordination to enable on-site support
•Analysis of patient pre-treatment CT, MRI and clinical information for determination of treatment eligibility
•Work with the physicians to develop high-level treatment plan
•Test the system prior to treatments and prepare equipment and disposables for use
•Clinical and technical support during the entirety of the treatment, providing operation advice, problem-solving, response to questions, and troubleshooting
•Assistance in post-treatment cleaning of the system
•Internal treatment reporting and data archiving
•Post treatments debriefing and case review for improvement and lessons learned
4.2 Commercial:
•Achieve annual treatment volume goals (including disposable and service sales goals), and general customer satisfaction scores in accordance with the company plan
•Execute market survey in the territories to help site define and target appropriate messages to their referring physicians and consumers
•Identify, manage and grow referral base for treating center
•Identify and execute local opportunities for direct to patient education
•Onsite KOL-Management as/if needed
•Prepares periodic report showing treatment backlog, volume, inquiries, projected service line pro-forma for the site, white paper /case study
•Monitors and evaluates the activities on site including building relations with all stakeholders (from the scheduler to administrator), understand local site dynamics that could impact service line growth.
•Collaborate with our Product manager, clinical specialists, reimbursement, service, and marketing team to be the focal point of support to customer.
•Embed into customer environment and gain In-depth knowledge of their hospital operations, patient flow, financial model with focus on business and operational outcomes
Critical skills & qualifications
•Academic Degree in Scientific fields: biomedical engineering, medical physics, medicine, biotechnology, radiography. 
•Extensive travels (at least 60%)
•Relationship building and ability to influence across C-level, department level and staff levels
•Ability to perform well under pressure
•Able to lecture in front of large audience
•Critical thinking, ability to solve problems & creatively bring solutions to customer
•Communication skills with internal and external stakeholders to articulate vision, rally towards a common goal, and build execution support
•Ability to work in hospitals and outpatient clinics, and in MRI environment
•Skilled in Microsoft office (word, excel and power-point)
•Desired personal characteristics: operate independently, fast learner, ability to work under stress, creative, initiative and highly self-motivated
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