Refining Economics Specialist Doha


Chronos Consulting ( client seeks a Refining Economics Specialist
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering or related specialty. MBA or Master Degree in Economics desirable. At least 15 years of experience in analyzing refining industry trends. Five or more years of relevant modeling and forecasting experience with a large refining consultancy and at least 10 years of industry experience.
Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform and demonstrate the following:
• Conducts reviews of industry business developments, trends, and economics.
• Utilizes, adjusts, and maintains economic evaluation models for downstream projects.
• Provides analysis, evaluation, and interpretation in support of projects, processes, and financing related to capital investment decisions in the oil downstream sector.
• Evaluates the economics of complex downstream project proposals, including joint venture, and/or acquisitions.
• Represents the company at relevant internal and external conferences and seminars, preparing and delivering presentations on subjects related to downstream industries.
• Builds and maintains strong relationships with consultancies, industry experts, and best-in-class companies, keeping abreast of oil downstream market developments, which could impact the company’s competitive performance. 
• Benchmarks the company’s performance and related processes, practices and technologies against relevant companies in the region and around the world.
• Mastery of understanding economic and business factors related to the downstream oil industry with proven success applying that knowledge in the evaluation of business opportunities.
• Solid understanding of downstream projects necessary to conduct insightful economic analysis of capital investments.
• In-depth understanding of various modeling techniques and methodologies related to economic analysis and planning.
• Proven ability to effectively communicate what are frequently complex technical and commercial concepts in a clear and succinct manner to individuals and groups from diverse professional backgrounds. 
• Capable of recognizing and reconciling conflicting views and interests across large, complex organizations.
• Must have a proven ability to quickly build and maintain positive and effective networks with internal and external stakeholders from all organizational levels.
• Assists in the training and mentoring of junior staff.
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