Chief Financial Officer

Saudi Arabia based. 

Key Requirements
MBA or Bachelor degree in accounting or finance from an accredited university;
2. Professional certification in accounting or finance;
3. Relevant work experience;
4. Computer proficiency;
5. Effective inter-personal and group communication skills
Job Description
Financial Policies & Procedures
1. Assure relevance and completeness of financial policies and procedures for the functional areas of the business;
2. Initiate periodic updates of financial policies and procedures;
3. Request audits that provide assurance of compliance with financial policies and
Financial Planning & Projections
1. Review and discuss with management the 5-year financial projections and related assumptions of all strategic business units (SBUs);
2. Translate the 5-year financial projections of each SBU into working capital and capital expenditures financing requirements;
3. Conduct/review financial feasibility studies of new projects to assure that those projects are in line with the Group’s investment/business strategy.
Bank Facilities & Relations
1. Negotiate new bank facilities in view of the SBUs financial projections and annual cash budgets;
2. Assure that the negotiated bank facilities are competitive in terms of notional, tenor, pricing, roll over, and grace period;
3. Handle all aspects of bank facilities documentation;
4. Provide adequate responses to banks queries for renewal of bank facilities;
5. Assure that the periodic reporting requirements to banks are timely met;
6. Assure that all loan covenants are complied with and communicate with banks in
case of an inevitable non-compliance to get an exception.
7. Generate bank facilities utilization reports twice a month and provide them to the
Group Top Management.
8. Sub-allocate available bank facilities among SBUs in view of urgent business
9. Review the daily bank status reports and cash flow forecasts of individual SBUs
and initiate the necessary directives to optimize the use of cash across the Group;
10. Hold periodic communication meetings with banks relationship managers and
other senior officers to discuss issues of mutual interests.
11. Facilitate visits of senior bank officers to the Top Management.
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